Photographed for The Times (SA) newspaper.

On the morning of June 16, 1976 some 20,000 school students from the township Soweto heeded the call to march peacefully from their schools to Orlando Stadium in Orlando East. They were demonstrating against the new ruling that the medium of instruction in schools is now Afrikaans, not English or their home language. At the time many students and teachers could not speak or understand Afrikaans which made learning very difficult. Police reacted to the students protesting by opening fire on them with live rounds, killing hundreds, among them the first, Hastings Ndlovu and Hector Pieterson. Soweto started to burn, with targets being anything that was Government owned, like municipal buildings, and also, stores selling alcohol, as they were seen as ‘poisoning’ the parents of young school goers. The Soweto Uprising of June 1976 is now widely regarded as the turning point against the Apartheid regime, where the majority Black population wanted change in their country. The iconic image by press photographer Sam Nzima of Mbuyisa Makhubu carrying the bloodied Hector Pieterson was seen around the world and created outrage. “The system put fear in our people, after June 16, 1976 the world saw what we were going through and they took notice.” – Jeanette Ndlovu, sister of Hastings Ndlovu.